Our priorities make up the needs of communities in which we serve. Like many non-profit making institutions, our major needs lie in area of project implementation. A list is provided below:

  • Support health program in rural communities; need for hospital beds, mattresses, ambulances, mosquito nets, gloves, autoclave machines and related facilities.

  • Support education of a girl child, donate sanitary materials, train on use of re-usable pads

  • Donations of braille materials for blind children in school, white canes, wheel chairs and support tools for handicapped children

  • Donations of vocational training kits and equipment as startup capital for vulnerable women and children to include sewing machines, shoe making machines, oven, embroidery machines, and related category.

  • Provide field support tools and equipment which can be registered in the name of “Building Hope Uganda” , we need enough field motorcycles and vehicles to effectively run community project

  • Need farm implements to advance commercial faming in rural communities

  • Help with feeding children in the vulnerable universal primary education-UPE schools

  • Improve nutrition in homes especially in children and women infected with HIV/AIDS

  • Dealing with child ailments, early child development programs, maternal health programs, physical impairments in children, and facilitating children’s education.
    madam kanyange
    Madam Kanyange is the Head teacher Kakindo primary school in Kyabigambire. She has a hearing impairment and strains hard to pick a conversation. This is what she says in her words, “I head a school where most of our children are vulnerable but I am also vulnerable. My left ear cannot hear anything, the remaining one is also deteriorating. As you help our pupils, please consider us too- teachers like me.”
  • Accessing grant donations to run projects

  • Volunteers to write project proposals, fundraise for projects, connect the organisation to other support organizations, and provide technical support to the organisation.

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