The survey revealed the most vulnerable persons are women. They tussled through to make a living and caring for young ones and entire household.

The rural women farm development project

The Rural Women Farm Development project has come in to promote a shift from rudimentary subsistence farming to commercialized farming. Women are encouraged and supported into vegetable growing and practicing of back yard gardening for improved nutrition in homes and income generation. Vegetables are a healthy food value, generate quick and sustainable source of income throughout the year. Women have previously engaged in traditional land tilling growing food for home consumption.

Cabbage is one of the vegetables grown by women
Arise women cooperative project

In the past, women have been seen to operate from the ‘backyard’. In Uganda this is true as majority women were left in the kitchen and to perform their gender role of giving birth and taking care of the home and trend set pace tracing origin from great grandparents. Today, the trend is gradually changing. Rural women are mobilized into groups and trained in leadership and business/project management skills. With regular imparting of skills, women can now confidently express their views and concerns and are taking up competitive community leadership positions.

kiwera arise
A woman from Kiwera Arise Women’s Group in Hoima airs out her views as others listen. The group meets once every week to make savings, to borrow, discuss issues around them and make way forward. In set is the chairperson of the group who recently contested and was voted area leader.

This project adopts the Self Help Group (SHG) approach. The project brings women in a group for training in livelihood and vocational skills with the aim of alleviating poverty among less privileged women in society. It is intended to bring women on board shaping them into future leaders able to make sound decisions. They are also trained in production techniques, entrepreneurship skills and helped in sourcing for markets. The women meet regularly to discuss issues around them and formulate a way forward.

women cooking
ByaYesu women group learning new skills in cooking to help them earn a living
Arise women cooperative project intends to provide start-up capital to women groups to collectively engage in income generating projects to facilitate the country’s development process. The 2014 population census by Uganda Bureau of Statistics put Uganda’s population at 34,856,813 with 51.4% majority Ugandans being women. The country’s rural population was 28,430,800 comprising an overwhelming 82% of the total population. These are mostly women and children living in total poverty. The project raises concerns for quick interventions of development agencies / partners, volunteers and the community development sector to help lift people’s standards of living especially in rural households.

women craft2Craft for a living project; practically cutting out required dimensions to produce standard beads

Craft for a living project; some of the product produced from metallic and glass pearls

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