These are projects designed to address issues of poor health and nutrition in children and ensuring children in rural communities get a chance to have good learning environment like their urban counterparts. The children also learn survival skills to help them through prevailing life circumstances.

Health and nutrition project

It is a holistic project looking at living conditions of infants and children. It considers children in impoverished homes, those infected with HIV/AIDS, breastfeeding infants and malnourished children.

The project raises awareness in the community encouraging pregnant women access maternity services from nearby health centres to help them give birth and raise health babies free from preventable sicknesses and infections.

The project considers good nutrition in children a priority in order to have a built-up generation of healthy and energetic members who are productive and can engage in development activities. Amaranthus, a highly nutritious green vegetable has been introduced to boost the health of infants and HIV/AIDS infected children and household members. Plan is underway to introduce mushroom growing; a combination of the two would make a highly valued food content for even breast feeding mothers.

Supporting education of a vulnerable child

The organisation introduced “educate a child project” to cater for the wellbeing of children in Universal Primary Education - UPE schools in Hoima district. Children who attend these schools are those who come from extremely poverty stricken homes. These are children whose parents cannot afford to take care of their own household needs. They send children to school with no scholastic materials like books, pens and pencils, etc. The children walk long distances to reach the scattered schools with no breakfast or lunch provided at school. In some areas, children study under tree shades or grass thatched skeleton structures.

orphaned school
More children identified as orphans. They need more than educational needs support but also providing other basic necessities of life.

Educate a child project was introduced to cater for the basic educational needs of these children to enhance their learning and be able to favorably compete with other privileged children in good schools. Important to note: All categories of children sit the same Uganda National Examinations. A lot is therefore needed to touch the lives of these children, cater for their psycho-social needs and create a better learning environment to prepare an elite and productive society.

Kiswaza School
Vulnerable UPE pupils of Kiswaza primary school in lower primary three and their class teacher at their school in Hoima district. Building Hope Uganda is currently supporting them to enhance their reading and writing skills.

Building Hope Uganda supports Universal Primary Education (UPE) schools in activities that can help improve performance. It is on record UPE schools in Uganda register the worst performance in Primary Leaving Examinations country wide every academic year. As a result, many children opt to drop out seeing no value of education.

kakindo primary school
Activity: Assessing P.7 pupils of kakindo primary school in Hoima under Universal Primary Education. Regular assessment with standard examination papers helps improve academic performance in rural schools.

There have been incidences of girl children dropping out of school due to shameful experiences they have been through at school during their menstrual periods. Girls need to be helped and provided with sanitary requirements. These young girls end up leaving school getting pregnant at early age becoming child mothers whose children they cannot take care of and the cycle continues. We still have a long way to go. This calls for combined effort of compassionate individuals, volunteers, philanthropists, charities, foundations and governments to extend a helping hand to the vulnerable girl child in Uganda.

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