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Post by: Richard Ajuna - 30 May 2017

A Journalist by Profession and Project Officer Building Hope Uganda

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Women are very special creatures on earth. It’s seen on the way they were created by God when He said “Let us make man”. He moulded man from mud and the man became a living creature. But what makes a woman special, she was just extracted from a rib of a man and when man saw what happened, he was so excited that is why up to date they say, “Behind every successful man, there is a successful woman”.

In African tradition, women were not seen as important to an extent that they were being left out in developmental programmes and were seen as house wives to carry out all domestic duties like digging, collecting water, collecting firewood, cooking and child bearing-in fact a woman’s worth would be portrayed more by her ability to produce children otherwise failing to have children would be considered a bad omen on the side of a woman. Regardless of all her effort and toil, a woman had no freedom to speak out her mind as she was considered a man’s property. Women were always mistreated by men what is termed as domestic violence in today’s language.

Naturally, women have been seen as weaker vessels for centuries while men as a centre of strength. Whereas women were still being considered inferior to men, women have overturned the tables and broadened their visions. Today, women attend school, take on good jobs like their male counterparts, they are entrepreneurs, employers and have often been seen vying for political positions racing with men. Because women have known the value of education, they are seen educating their children and revising their marriage strategies. Society is changing because of incorporating women’s views in the development agenda. They have influenced structural adjustment programs like advocating for women’s rights and spearheading the end towards domestic violence in homes and communities around us.

Women are therefore important and should be respected for their substantial contribution towards the development of society. Let us support women in all areas because when you support a woman, you have supported a family and the nation at large.

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