Post by: Richard Ajuna - 30 May 2017

Women are very special creatures on earth. It’s seen on the way they were created by God when He said “Let us make man”. He moulded man from mud and the man became a living creature. But what makes a woman special, she was just extracted from a rib of a man and when man saw what happened, he was so excited that is why up to date they say, “Behind every successful man, there is a successful woman”.

Post by: Godfrey Musinguzi - 5 May 2017

Ever pondered at living conditions of many people in developing nations? No doubt, poverty is at its peak! But one wonders about the massive gift aid Africa alone receives annually whether it has got any impact reached towards this huge problem which leaves many questions unanswered. We cannot however rule out the fact that some feeder roads have been constructed, a few health centres built, averagely clean water provided, improved seeds distributed etc. But all this has not cleared the problem of poverty, in fact as the population increases a lot of pressure is exerted on existing resources and the cycle continues - more aid is sought for.

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